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Are you afraid of bedbugs in your rental?

Landlords face numerous costly problems that they need to help solve that are affecting the lives of residents. One of the difficult ones is bedbugs. Like most problems we face, when one approaches it the right way, it isn't as daunting as one imagines.

Joseph and Serena were facing just that problem in their rental.

They had a few options in front of them.

First off they could have tried just crossing their fingers and tried a low-cost do-it-yourself method.

They could have turned to landlord forums where you can seek out community input that typically comes in the form of a few sentences and contradicting opinions.

The third option was to seek out professional opinion.

A few pest control companies later, they didn't have a clear picture from the 'experts' but did have a few options and prices in front of them.

There was treating a single unit, heat treating all units, treating a unit and inspecting all units along with varying guarantees.

They then consulted with me at Tci Building Services and received a better understanding of bed bugs, what the options meant, and how to help the residents prepare for effective treatment.

How was my advice able to do something a pest control professional couldn't?

A pest control person can kill bugs with access to the right poisons, but they don't see the problem from the property owner's perspective or the resident's perspective.

That multitude of perspectives helped me tailor information into a form that allowed these diligent property owners to make a rational decision that protected their tenant, their investment, and exposed them to the least amount of liability. They able to communicate with the residents in their property more effectively. I am proud to have been able to help them. I am even more happy to see property owners that put this amount of consideration into their building to do things the right way.

"Scott Isacksen with Tci Building Services has been instrumental in the education and communication with our tenants in our multifamily property. There were several preventative property management items that we were grateful Scott brought to our immediate attention. There was also a very urgent and unexpected matter with pests that Scott was extremely helpful with handling professionally and systematically. Scott reviewed out existing notification and preparation instructions to our tenants. He helped us further with additional information and suggestions on how we would improve our current plans for extermination. Feedback from the extermination company after treatment of our multifamily property was, "In all of our 13 years of treating multifamily properties, we have never seen units so well prepared for treatment, Thank you!" I truly give credit to Scott for all of his assistance and helpful advice. I recommend him regularly to other landlord and property managers.  "

Joe and Serena  

Espenlaub Real Estate LLC

Lexington, Missouri

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