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Market Research - Best Performing Cities

There are numerous resources out there to do market research and understand an area you are considering investing or have invested in. It is almost an overwhelming amount of data. It can be hard to figure out where to even start.

The Milken Institute does a few different reports, with the goal of increasing global prosperity with the information they put together and other endeavors the group is involved in. The report that can help you look into broad markets is the "Best Performing Cities" report.

The 2018 report can be found here:

Cities are evaluated based on job creation, technology, and a number of factors that help consider them growing. They are assigned a numerical ranking each year and the amount of change they have experienced since the previous year.

You can look at the amount of change to see a place growing, find out which cities may be in decline, and which ones are steady.

This is certainly not the only thing an investor would want to base a decision on, but this can help highlight areas one would want to look into further.

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