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Protecting Equity and Adding Value to Property


We offer comprehensive information YOU need to oversee your property.  This includes upcoming capital expenses, inventory, a building maintenance plan, recommendations, pictures, and 360 degree video. All of this information is neatly organized in PDF format as well as a physical binder that will be provided after all inspections are complete. 


Clear course of action to keep your investment performing at its best for years to come. Prevent stress from surprise capital expenditures, prevent premature failure of equipment and structure, and add value on sale with a complete maintenance schedule.

The information assembled acts as an owner's manual and can help family or partners make decisions and take action if you are unavailable or just on a long vacation.

This saves you time, protects your building, and the savings more than pay for all of the work Tci Building Services does.



Scott, the founder of Tci Building Services, has spent over 10 years overseeing the care of multifamily buildings.  During this time, Scott has constantly worked to find ways to better care for and protect those properties. These properties have ranged from 4 units all the way up to over 300 units. 

Experience also includes ownership of over 25 units.  Let our experience help guide you in your investing endeavors.


Apartment buildings, small and large, are unintentionally neglected every year by property owners. Unfortunately this leads to unexpected expenses, stress and time spent dealing with emergencies, and sometimes even failure as an investment.

Many people assume that professional property management covers everything a building needs.  A property management team is great at handling day to day issues and keeping your buildings leased.  Long term planning most often is not part of that package nor is tracking the lifespan of large capital items that make up your property.  Often, a property manager isn't aware of replacement needs until such an item fails.  This failure can cause additional damage to the property that could otherwise be avoided.

We at Tci Building Services would hate to see this happen to you or your property. We are absolutely passionate about making building operation and decisions as easy as possible for the owner. Having worked in professional property management and owning over 25 units ourselves, we know just how important a plan and understanding of your investment is to make informed decisions.  These decisions are what affect your bottom line.


PO Box 20956

Castro Valley, CA 94546

Tel: 510-877-0526

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