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Thank you for looking at my services.  Much of what I offer is new to the apartment industry.  
The "Owner's manual" is a physical operation guide for your building.  
Just like getting an oil-change sticker to remind you when to do that, the owner's manual tells you when to change roof, paint, and do many other things that prevent thousands in damage.  (I know someone looking at 12k-13k in damage from an old roof leaking this winter)
I also offer apartment tours to help show your apartments during these challengint times.
    - Scott

360 Apartment Tour

$150 - 360 Degree tour of an apartment so you can show your rental while keeping yourself and clients safe.
Tour is uploaded to Youtube for easy viewing.
Best alternative to someone going in person!

Owner's Manual

2-4 plex: $1,200
5+ $200/unit +$200 per building +$100 per floor after ground
Owner's manual with maps, preventive maintenance plan, manager's guide, equipment life-cycle
Happy Senior Couple

Legacy Package - Multiple Properties

$2,500 - Document your other processes to run your overall portfolio and add on to your Owner's Manual for a full information package on your operations to hand on to family.

Portfolio Manager

$3,500 - Set your management portfolio up with a basic oversight plan, inspection forms, and training to ensure the inspection process is understood and carried out correctly.

Premium Service

$600 - Includes all services below: 360 degree video tour, obtaining blueprints*, area services

360 degree Facility Video Tour

$300 - 360 Degree video tour uploaded for you to reference.  Tour will be of common area facilities. 

Property Blueprints

$250 -Blueprints acquired from the city or architectural firm. *
*Cost of blueprints not included in the fee

Area Services List

$200 - Not sure who to call when a problem comes up?  List of alternate services for your property as backup to current vendor list.  Tci Building Sevices verifies each on the list.

Networking Button

$10 - includes shipping in the US
Connect with people around you that you pass daily.
1 good addition to your network is worth so much more.
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