Networking Button

$10 - includes shipping in the US
Connect with people around you that you pass daily.
1 good addition to your network is worth so much more.

360 Apartment Tour

$100 - 360 Tour of an apartment so you can show your
rental while keeping yourself and clients safe.
Tour is uploaded to your Youtube chanel.

Owner's Manual

2-4 plex: $1,200
5+ $200/unit +$200 per building +$100 per floor after ground
Owner's manual with maps, preventive maintenance plan, manager's guide, equipment life-cycle

Legacy Package

$2,500 - Document your other processes and add on to your Owner's Manual for a full information package on your operations to hand on to family.

Portfolio Manager

$3,500 - Set your management portfolio up with a basic oversight plan, inspection forms, and training to ensure the inspection process is understood and carried out correctly.

Premium Service

$600 - Includes all services below: 360 degree video tour, obtaining blueprints*, area services

360 degree Facility Video Tour

$300 - 360 Degree video tour uploaded for you to reference.  Tour will be of common area facilities. 

Property Blueprints

$250 -Blueprints acquired from the city or architectural firm. *
*Cost of blueprints not included in the fee

Area Services List

$200 - List of alternate services for your property to call as backup to current vendor list.  Tci Building Sevices verifies each on the list.