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Large Apartment Package

Package for 10+ unit building

This package is designed for property owners that have a management company in place. They are meant to fill in areas property management doesn't typically address.

The report requires we do a full inspection of the property, including an inspection of each unit. We will work with you and your manager to assemble the information so that you have what you need to control your property with ease.

Included in this package:

  • Custom maintenance plan with recommended maintenance schedule designed to prevent building and component failures

  • List of upcoming capital needs to reduce budget surprises

  • Forms for your property to document inspections and updates

  • A single reference page that serves most of your needs as an investment owner

  • Physical binder AND digital copies of all documents

  • Building map and list of components

  • Unit walk-through, inventory list and interior measurements

Benefits of package:

  • Reduce costs of people going to the property to gather information (crawl space location, attic access, appliance sizes etc.)

  • Added value at time of sale with proof of regular building maintenance

  • 3rd party assessment can help investing partners understand the building needs

  • One time purchase that continues to support the building through ownership

  • Binder can act as an owner's manual making it easier for someone close to you to manage the investment if needed


  • $400 assessment fee (as deposit only) *

  • $200 per building

  • $200 per unit

  • $100 per floor of units


  • Assessment fee is a deposit only and will be discounted from the final invoice *

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