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How to Create a Virtual Apartment Tour

Here are some quick steps to creating a virtual tour for your apartment using YouTube.

First: Create the video Set up the apartment so it looks the best

1. Turn on all lights

2. Open blinds

3. Put the toilet seat down

4. Unlatch doors so that you can open them during the tour Record the video and use the pause feature if you have to transition between areas *Youtube does not offer a way to attach multiple videos into a single video, so having everything captured in 1 video is important.

  1. Hold the phone so that the widest angle is left-right rather than an up-down portrait view

  2. Start your recording approaching the building so viewers see the outside and where they are applying to live

  3. Narrate letting people know the address and what kind of apartment they are looking at "This is 321 Somewhere Street, a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment"

  4. Hit the pause on the video and go into the building

  5. Hit the record icon (where the pause button was until you hit it) to continue the video

  6. Walk the video to the door of the apartment

  7. Hit pause again and step into the apartment

  8. Start recording again and take the viewer through the empty apartment, showing the living area, kitchen, bedroom(s) and finally bathroom following the flow of the layout as much as possible

  9. *Hit the pause button if you have other amenities like laundry, yard space, etc.

  10. *Go to the area of the amenity and record roughly 5 seconds showing one area

  11. Hit the stop button and you now have your video saved

Share the video

Create a youtube / gmail account if you do not have one. Anyone that has a gmail account has a youtube account as well. Find your YouTube account by going to the square of 9 dots at the top right of the screen.

Upload start uploading the video to Youtube and set the description to reflect the property you are advertising.

Uploading can tax your home network due to slow upload speeds most internet providers have. You can use the cell network and upload through your phone if you installed the Youtube app on your phone.

The upload area may not give you all of the options you need to complete your video upload. Additional settings will be found by clicking on your name icon on the upper right then going to the "Youtube stuido" that is in front of the gear mark.

Edit the video:

Click "details" mark next to the video.

Set the description on the video to have information on how to apply, the address of the property, and any other details that a viewer may need to know. Set the privacy level you desire (I prefer unlisted): public -> this is searchable on YouTube and can be viewed by anyone on the internet. unlisted -> Viewers need a link from you to reach the video private -> unavailable to anyone but you

Share the video with applicants:

Once the video is uploaded and settings are finished, choose options and "get shareable link" Paste that link into any ads that you have or send out by email or text to people inquiring about the apartment.

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