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35,000 People with a Dream

Updated: May 30, 2019

I am here on day to at Grant Cardone's 10x GrowthCon. 35,000 seats have been sold to people that are business owners and entrepreneurs on Super Bowl weekend.

All are here to learn to better serve their customers better market their business and better provide for their families. This motivation and enthusiasm is the same thing that has caused so many people to invest in small apartment buildings around the country.

These Investments start out as a dream for a better life and financial security. That is the exact same reason I have invested as well. Having a kid gave me motivation and a different level of concern for my long-term financial plans.

The problem with smaller apartment buildings beyond the scale not supporting a staff on site daily is that these buildings do not come with a how to manual. Have you been surprised by a component you didn't even know existed failing on your building? You are not alone. Few investors are well-versed in the contractor trades or the details of the physical asset they hold.

I created Tci Building Services to solve this problem. I have purchased properties from sellers that were not able to maintain their property and therefore not realize the dream that they had when they purchased the property.

One property was something the lender had taken back and the other was sold at a huge discount due to be deferred maintenance and vacant apartments.

These poorly maintained places are often the properties that you are encouraged to look for at real estate investing seminars.

All of these people had a different plan.

All of these people had the same dreams and hopes you and I do, but something went wrong.

Surprise expenses came up and problems snowballed.

I hope to protect that dream. I plan to protect the equity of every one of my client's properties.

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