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It is the dream of freedom

Pirates rose to popularity in our modern culture with "Talk like Pirate Day" and the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies (almost 20 years ago now). I worked in professional theatre at the time and enjoyed the company of one of the set designers that constantly talked like a pirate. The props-master Arrrlene didn't like him as much for some reason.

I believe both the recent popularity and the original reason people turned to piracy was the dream of freedom that the idea represented.

During the times of piracy of lore, there was a lot more solid caste system where if you were born poor or a peasant, that was your lot in life. Imagine having the chance to jump on a ship and cast those rules of society aside with the potential to make a fortune.

It was highly illegal to be doing it and the reality was far from glamorous once you realize what daily life would have been like.

This same allure is what draws many of us to apartment investing. Freedom.. financial freedom.

You may run into just as unpleasant characters in the apartment world as you would if you were on a pirate ship; but at least this venture is legal.

The problem is that, like a ship, an apartment building is a physical asset and it must weather storms and abuse (but no cannon balls.) A physical problem can sink a ship and doom the crew aboard. Navigating rough waters is something many landlords will have to contend with.

I have seen, in the hype of apartment buildings, little attention paid to the overall operation or care of the buildings. I want to see those that set sail with dreams be successful. I also hope that my raising a flag reminds you to keep an eye on that physical side of your asset and you protect those dreams by taking care of your building.

Batten down the hatches, keep 'er ship shape, and try not to take on water.

Tci Building Services may even be able to help you with a map to navigate.

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